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People in the know you should, ahem, "paws" and get to know.

  • • Dave Martino

    Dave Martino
    (860) 359-8177

    Pisces; a triple-threat utility infielder who will chase you around the bases strategically, throw out a white-hot fix to a long-standing problem or coach the team in a manner that improves the level of performance in every position. 


  • • Gavin Binzer

    Gavin Binzer

    Taurus; deeply rooted in the funkiest of concepts and grooves, Gavin is not just dusting off the old playbook for creativity, he’s inspiring the team to seek out new ideas and solutions to the sales and marketing challenges you face today.

  • • James Patrick Kelly

    James Patrick Kelly
    EVP, Business Development and Sales
    (864) 838-8530

    Senior Living Experience: Since birth?
    It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say James grew up in senior living. He’s done it all, seen it all and sold more than his fair share of challenged inventory. All before age 19. James is on the road, traveling this fruited plain to sow the seeds of great creativity and enlightened guidance.


  • • Jessica Kraft

    Jessica Kraft
    EVP, Account Services
    (717) 457-0466

    Senior Living Experience: 13 years
    A marketing executive (really a strategic thinker who, well, thinks a lot!), with more than a decade of experience helping to steer CCRC clients toward success. Jessica came to play on the Bluespire team in 2014 after ten years of leading the charge at one of the other senior living specialists. Now she’s leading the charge here.


  • • Matt Bekelja

    Matt Bekelja
    EVP, Strategy
    (717) 579-6252

    Senior Living Experience: 10 years
    Matt is giddy as hell to be in his second tour of duty with Bluespire. In between stints he was Director of Strategy at Cornerstone Village in Tennessee. Before working in senior living, he laid some serious groundwork in direct response marketing and strategic branding.

  • • Dylan Pattenaude

    Dylan Pattenaude
    EVP, Operations
    (860) 359-8206

    Senior Living Experience: 12 years
    Dylan has been with Bluespire Senior Living for over a decade as Director
    of Digital Development. As the man behind the curtain, Dylan has been the operational madman pulling levers and granting wishes to sales and marketing teams in the form of technological innovation. Today, he’s using his powers for good across the entire agency.



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